Ryan Jurneka, Lead Copywriter for leading high-speed karting company K1 Speed International, sat down for an episode of Hard Stop Podcast, to discuss the power of the Vibenomics Audio Experience Solution in their family entertainment centers. Streaming live in all K1 Speed locations internationally, Vibenomics helps the company enhance the customer experience and speak directly to a captive audience with the right music and messaging, at just the right time.

Prior to partnering with Vibenomics, Jurneka noted that K1 Speed facilities were using the typical style of audio solution that was typical of most retail locations a randomly generated playlist with no opportunity for enhanced customer engagement or experience. The K1 Speed team recognized the untapped potential of audio to facilitate a more meaningful conversation with their visitors and was searching for a solution to get messages in front of their captive audience.

“When we talked about starting voice-over stuff, it was really exciting because I knew it was going to reach a lot of audiences” – Ryan Jurneka, Lead Copywriter

The Vibenomics custom messaging capability captures the attention of customers waiting in line during high-traffic times. While guests are idle, the K1 Speed team is able to share more information about upcoming events, various attraction packages, and other promotions within their complex. With the creation of custom messages produced by professional voice talent, Vibenomics acts as an extension of K1 Speed’s marketing team. Vibenomics’ creative messages broadcast in K1 Speed locations have helped welcome major companies – such as Boeing – to their private events, sell out location-exclusive promotions, and set the perfect vibe for seasonal happenings.

K1 Speed has relied on the quick turnaround capabilities of the Vibenomics team to promote late-breaking events in near real-time, with the assurance that a professional message can be conceptualized, produced and scheduled live the same day – if not within hours. Engaging messaging is paying off in very tangible ways for K1 Speed, with Ryan noting that the chain’s evolved audio experience has resulted directly in customers coming back, and spending more. Click below to listen to the full episode with Ryan Jurneka of K1 Speed.