Quinn Ricker, President & CEO of Ricker’s Oil, and Keith Broviak, Ricker’s Director of Marketing recently sat down on the Hard Stop Podcast to discuss in-store marketing, brand protection, and the power of audio within their convenience stores. Ricker’s locations throughout the state of Indiana have leveraged the Vibenomics Audio Experience Solution (AES) and the Vibenomics Ad Market as an extension of their traditional marketing efforts.

 We are able to take that message and create it in the morning and in the afternoon, have it in our stores. You can’t do that with any other media.

Ricker’s convenience stores utilize Vibenomics as the licensed music and professional messaging provider inside their 50+ Indiana locations. This platform allows the organization to demonstrate their customer-centric focus by promoting unique deals on food and beverage, weather and traffic reports for the surrounding areas, highlight the rewards program, and more. With the software’s intuitive scheduling feature, Ricker’s is able to develop the content they wish to share in their space and better control their brand experience as a result.

With Vibenomics, Ricker’s has not only been able to create – and own – a privately controlled radio station in their convenience stores, but they have also been able to generate new revenue by allowing other organizations to advertise on the network. Businesses such as Hoosier Lottery, Metro by T-Mobile, and Grippo’s have purchased “air time” on the Ricker’s network and Ricker’s has reaped the benefits with the unique Vibenomics Ad Market revenue share program. Click below to learn more about how Vibenomics is the perfect partner for your convenience store in this episode of Hard Stop Show.