Whether it’s for a corporate team building event, a birthday party, or simply to get your kids to release their built up energy, family fun centers are great for all ages and occasions. However, with their growing popularity comes a unique set of business challenges. How do you tailor the experience to all age groups? How do you create an environment suitable for both highly energetic kiddos and overprotective adults busy scanning the room for emergency exits and safety pitfalls? How do you keep kids happy and safe (to keep adults happy and safe)? Introducing a music and messaging platform into your space may be the perfect way to answer the above questions and even more that you haven’t encountered yet. Keep reading to learn about three ways to maximize the experience of your family fun center with the help of an Audio Experience Solution (AES) like Vibenomics.

Escalate Your Music Offerings

With the popularity of family fun centers, there is a vast array of people that you need to please — and with that — a vast array of music preferences! Integrating unique playlists into your space can entertain everyone by introducing family-friendly classics to the younger crowd and catching parents up on the newest hits. Having the ability to curate playlists can also allow for multiple music styles to be showcased. Want to amp up parties and events? The right music can help to create a unique vibe in your space. Having the ability to schedule playlists also allows you to integrate dayparting into your family fun center to appeal to different groups with minimal effort on your end. You are busy running a business!

Enhance the Guest Experience

Making guests feel welcomed and valued in a space is a sure-fire way to increase your chances of creating repeat customers. Having friendly, witty, and on-brand greetings at peak traffic times, directing guests smoothly throughout the location, and providing announcements about the amenities offered can reduce confusion and increase overall satisfaction. Adding personalized birthday messages into party packages can make the guest of honor feel special and can help party guests understand where to be, as well. The Vibenomics Audio Experience Solution (AES) can also allow your business to support local charities, announce upcoming community events, or promote group fundraisers. Audio announcements can help customers feel more at ease and keep their focus on what is most important in the family fun center — the FUN!

Simplify Business Operations

As a business owner or location manager, you already have enough to think about. Imagine having a tool that would help decrease the effort and thought that you needed to put into many everyday business operations. Scheduling time-specific messages in advance not only reaches your audience fast but also allows you to employ a “set it and forget it” mindset without suffering any consequences from doing so. Adding time-specific rotational messages into your music shuffle to remind guests of important safety guidelines, announcing the start of special events, or advertising in-store deals can amplify the impact your business has on its customers without requiring constant attention on your part.

Interested in learning more and maximizing your family fun center experience? Request a demo of Vibenomics today and learn how you can start using music and messaging to benefit your business with our library of fully-licensed music and innovative technology using our pioneering Audio Experience Solution (AES) platform.