Today’s brick and mortar stores, restaurants, and leisure businesses are facing more and more pressure to succeed in an increasingly digital world. These businesses must constantly and consistently provide premium customer experiences in an age when most customers can get what they want with just a few clicks on their phone or computer. To keep customers coming in the doors, the visit must be an experience that they cannot get otherwise.

One of the most impactful and powerful tools small business and franchise owners have at their disposal is the in-store event. Fundraisers, parties, local celebrity meet and greets, or even new product unveilings are all wonderful ways to showcase what a business has to offer, regardless of the industry. When done right, an in-store event draws people to the storefront, generating awareness of product offerings and, hopefully, quite a few sale conversions.

But what happens if no one comes? Luckily, by actively promoting these events in advance, most business owners won’t ever have to find out. There are the usual methods—radio advertising, running a print ad in the local paper, using social media to get the word out—all of which have their spot on the marketing spectrum. One area often neglected, however, is in-store audio to capitalize on the audience that’s already highly engaged. Think about it. If a customer is already in the store and the owner is conscious of providing a good experience, that customer will want to come back. The in-store event gives them a reason, but only if they know about it.

Here are a few ways business and franchise owners can use in-store audio to make sure their next event is well attended and fruitful.

Timing of the Announcements

Using carefully timed announcements via the sound system can make sure customers are aware of what the value of the in-store event will provide and why it’s worth the time or expense to attend. For example, if the event is a family-friendly pizza party at a restaurant with a local sports mascot, make sure to run announcements throughout the times of the day when families will be there—such as dinner time. If it’s a Monday night trivia event at a bar, make sure to run the announcements a few days out so people can plan, but not forget.

Think about Tone

It’s also critical to consider the tone of the announcement. Is this a fundraiser to support a local charity in great need after a natural disaster? Perhaps don’t use as upbeat a tone as you normally would. Or is it a fundraiser to send the local high school volleyball team to Nationals? In that case, be loud and proud! No matter what, consider the way the information will be heard—it is just as important as the content itself.

Is it of Value?

Many times, customers will only come to an event if they will receive something of value by attending. Your target audience can easily get caught up with their jobs, children, and a myriad of other activities that they have to juggle and balance. By making an offer, customers will feel as though the event is of value and is worth sacrificing something else to attend. If there is a giveaway or a discount available to those who attend, it’s also key to make sure customers are aware.

Run a Contest

Who doesn’t love to win something?! If an event has a local celebrity attending, run a contest for a customer to have a special photo opportunity and meet and greet with that celebrity. However, the point is to drive people to the business, so be sure it’s marketed as an in-store contest. Consider tying in the announcement to a customized audio playlist. “The first customer in the store who can name this artist wins!” That way, the value of being in the store at the right time not only means a customer will surely be at the event, but those who didn’t win may stick around longer or return for the opportunity to name the artist next time.

When is comes to promoting an event using in-store audio, the most important—and obvious—way is to share the what, when and where with the guests. Customers or shoppers can walk right by a flyer or a sign, particularly if they are looking down at their phones or distracted by their children, friends or other shoppers. But, by incorporating a few of the above methods, business owners can go a few steps further to ensure success in their next in-store event. A little bit of audio creativity can be just the thing to take an event to the next level.

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