Fuzic’s Adam Ritz with Stephanie Griffin from Thanx at the NRA 2017 Show.

Fuzic’s Adam Ritz caught up with Stephanie Griffin from Thanx at the 2017 National Restaurant Association show to talk about the world of loyalty programs. Thanx strives to make loyalty and retention marketing as easy as possible for not only the vendor, but the consumer as well.

Griffin said that nowadays, six months after joining a loyalty program, only forty percent of loyalty memberships are in use. This is due in large part, she says, to “barriers to entry” like physical cards, coupons, and tedious phone number or email entries. These steps prohibit customers from having a streamlined experience and prevent merchants from getting the data and engagement they need to be able to understand their customer base better.

Consumers today value time over money. This makes it difficult for offline retailers like car washes, malls and restaurants to market to consumers. Thanx is here to help–and now so is Fuzic. Thanx partnered up with Fuzic so that when customers are on site, they are engaged with and reminded to join the loyalty program offered by the retailer.

Check out the above link to hear their full conversation.

Visit Thanx online at http://www.thanx.com and Fuzic at http://www.fuzicmedia.com.