In-store music and announcements are not necessarily new concepts. Most people recall the static announcements heard through the speakers at grocery stores or other retail businesses. For example, many of today’s shoppers can recall K-Mart’s Bluelight special announcements or the non-discernible ‘muzak’ that accompanied it. It’s been a topic of many a late-night show comedy bit or two.

While not new, in-store music and announcements have certainly become much more appealing. Businesses spend so much time and money creating the overall look and feel of their business that it makes sense to look at how in-store audio can support and even amplify those efforts. Shoppers are in the business because they—for the most part—want to purchase a service or a product, or at least browse the options. That also means they are a somewhat captive audience to the tailored messaging the business wants to impart.

A business can carefully select a soundtrack that is appropriate for the atmosphere and their target customer group. Then, at timed intervals, they can play short messages promoting everything from special offers to events to directing customers to a website or social media channel. These could be future promotions or ones shoppers can take advantage of on their current trip.

However, the proper deployment of this tactic is critical to its overall success. The right music and the right announcements, at the right time, can serve to be just the thing to sell products or services. Here are a few ways in-story audio can supercharge sales for any business.

  1. Music Engages the Customer

The decision on the in-store soundtrack is the entry point for this sales effort. It must be appropriate for the store’s customers and the products or services that the store offers. It must also not be overly intrusive, but provide a backdrop for the main goal—shopping, browsing, or having fun. Customers should be drawn to the music, listening, and in some cases (like at a gym or children’s activity center) even singing or humming along, as they are in the space. Once this happens, any on-air announcements delivered will also be received much more effectively.

  1. In-store Messages Can Equal Sales

For a message to be heard, shoppers need to be engaged. A busy mom pulling her screaming toddler through a kid’s clothing store will likely not hear an in-store announcement no matter how effectively it is written. However, if that same mom is singing along with her little one to a song deliberately chosen for that store’s atmosphere, and then is hit with an announcement about an upcoming sale or an in-store promotion? That’s when the sale happens.

The science behind a message converting to a sale consists of finding the right voice talent and playing those announcements at appropriate times. For example, a restaurant pushing a pancake breakfast special at 3pm likely won’t hit the target. But playing the announcement intermittently between 7am and 10am? That’s a ‘sweet’ spot where conversion is much more likely.

  1. Music Can Help Retain Customers

Customers generally like consistency. Having a similar tone and soundtrack each time a customer comes in creates a sense of consistency between visits as well as from store location to store location. Regardless of where the store is located, the target demographic is likely the same or similar enough to carry over. That means they likely have a similar musical taste and having a uniform in-store audio experience can serve to underscore positive customer service or quality of the product.

  1. In-store Announcements Can, Too!

Announcements can also be an excellent customer retention tool. By promoting enrollment in customer loyalty programs or upcoming specials for frequent guests, already-engaged shoppers become loyal users and customers. Loyalty programs have a goal of lessening store hopping by providing incentives though a better value. Reminding them of that value while they are in-store and able to sign up for the loyalty program will increase adoption of this tactic as well as bring them back, rather than send them to a competitor.

By using in-store audio—both music and in-store announcements—business owners can help their own sales increase. From engaging the customer initially to increasing customer loyalty on the back end, the sounds of a store can be the secret to sales success.

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