Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional in-store shopper behavior has changed drastically as consumers were no longer able to be reached through long-established marketing channels. Now, however, with the adoption of the COVID-19 vaccine, individuals seeking a sense of normalcy, and consumers accustomed to personalized digital marketing tactics, motivations for encountering the in-store experience are higher than ever before. Conversations have recently developed around the increasing importance of meeting and serving consumers in-store through creative channels over the traditional methods that were once used.

With 86% of consumers traveling to traditional brick-and-mortar store locations and e-commerce shoppers going in-store for follow-up purchases, it is more important than ever to adapt and evolve the consumer experience. Bringing brands to life and influencing the consumer along the path to purchase are a few of the key ways in which the concept of retail is ever changing. During the pandemic, retailers were able to respond and adjust to new shopping behaviors. Now, as the world begins to return to its pre-COVID habits, shoppers are back in stores and have missed the opportunities to explore new products. 

The experiential component of shopping is not only preferred by consumers, but is now expected. Retailers are working towards creating an omnichannel experience, where customers receive the same personalized targeting in-stores as they have become accustomed to in the world of  e-commerce. Advertisers must shift their focus on increasing engagement and loyalty to stand out among competitors in the market and meet the evolving shopper expectations. In-store audio advertising, or Audio OOH, is a lucrative tactic to both increase sales and improve the customer experience – creating the right vibe by understanding the shoppers in the store and their buying behaviors. The newly pioneered technology surrounding Audio OOH is increasingly effective in captivating an audience and reaching consumers when propensity to spend is highest.  

Vibenomics provides retailers with the cloud-based technology and industry expertise to enhance the in-store experience, build brand loyalty, and drive higher sales. Allowing locations to control the in-store vibe through background music, live announcements, and promotional messaging, Vibenomics enhances the customer experience and creates increased loyalty and sales.

Information was sourced from the Path to Purchase Institute Webinar: Transforming the In-Store Experience, held on April 28, 2021. For more information, please visit