Vibenomics is proud to announce its recognition as an award recipient of the Powderkeg 2022 National Tech Culture Awards. This program recognizes the best company cultures in tech communities beyond Silicon Valley. Vibenomics has been acknowledged in the following award categories:

2022 Top-Rated SAAS

2022 Best Companies Remote

2022 Best Companies Work-Life Balance

2022 Best Companies To Work For

The winning companies were selected based on data submitted by employees and leadership for their company profile on Powderkeg, supplemented with publicly-available third-party data on several topics pertaining to company culture. Topics include:  leadership, diversity & inclusion, career path, work-life balance, and remote work. Companies were able to add data to their Powderkeg profile including company size, perks and benefits, funding, industry, and employee testimonials. With this, the Top 100 startups and tech employers were recognized in twelve categories surrounding tech and company culture.

“Vibenomics is honored to once again be recognized by the Powderkeg Unvalley Awards as a leader in company culture. We strive to be an employer that provides its people with the opportunity to find meaningful, impactful work. It’s our culture that enables Vibenomics employees to have a purposeful work-life-balance, promoting a mutual commitment to personal, professional and company growth.”

– Marty Draper, Chief Operations Officer

Powderkeg’s mission is to connect professionals with the best opportunities in tech between the coasts. Empowering every person to reach their full potential, Powderkeg prioritizes talent retention and attraction for those companies that are ahead of the curve in providing flexibility and benefits beyond a paycheck. Learn more about Powderkeg and the award-winning finalists at


About Vibenomics

Vibenomics, Inc. is a location-based Audio Out-of-Home™ advertising and experience company that powers audio channels for retailers, giving brands the ability to talk to shoppers directly at the point of sale. With its powerful cloud-based technology, licensed background music library, data integration capabilities, full-service team of audio experience experts, and network of on-demand professional voice talent, the company provides the right revenue-enhancing vibe for over 120 advertisers in more than 6,000 locations across 49 states, reaching over 200 million people.

Delivered through flexible plug-and-play, proprietary, IoT enabled media players, Vibenomics dynamically broadcasts hyper-targeted, on-demand audio advertisements and curated playlists within any combination of locations across its swiftly growing national footprint, unlocking a powerful new shopper marketing channel for reaching consumers during the critical final footsteps along the path to purchase. Through a first-of-its-kind partner program, retailers can receive a portion of revenue for all advertisements sold by Vibenomics that play within their locations, giving them the ability to monetize their private airwaves and transform a legacy expense into a new profit center.