Discover the Power of Vibenomics & the Vibe On Network!

The Vibenomics platform creates a vibe for your business through music and audio messaging. This custom business radio channel instantly creates the opportunity for a new revenue stream through the Vibe On Network. With the Vibe On Network, you can open up some of the available “air time” in your locations, and the Vibenomics team will solicit and manage other businesses who want to promote themselves via your retail location.

And the best part? It’s a revenue share program that will put money in your pocket for every advertising dollar spent on your network!

  • Offset the cost of music and messaging
  • Create an additional revenue stream for your business
  • Approval rights on types of advertisers and content
  • Vibenomics will do all the work:
    • Solicit advertisers
    • Manage inventory, ad traffic, and billing
    • Handle all production
  • Break through the clutter in age of distracted consumers
  • Reach your target audience at the point of sale in high volume locations
  • Flexibility in message content, ability to changes messages frequently
  • Very low cost per impression
  • Proof of performance (spots ran when they were supposed to)

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