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  • Why aren’t my messages playing?

    Messages may not be playing for a few reasons. Some of those reasons may include that your device is offline, incorrect message volume or delayed message frequency.

    There are two places within the software that show If your device is offline. The first is in the “Manage Players” tab. After selecting the device, the device status will be shown next to its name on the “Manage Player” tab. If it says your device is offline, then you will need to go to the device and reconnect it to your wifi.

    To check your message volume you will first need to go to the “Manage Players” tab. Once in the tab, click on the “Manage Volume” button. If the message volume is not higher than the song volume, adjust it accordingly. Once the message volume is louder, they should be more heard more clearly. Our preferred settings are 80 for songs and 100 for messages.

    To check your message frequency you will need to go to the “Manage Players” tab. Once in the manage players tab you will find the Message Frequency on the bottom right of the page. There you will see the frequency of your messages, varying from to every other song to every eight songs. You can change this with the gear button on the far right.

    If these methods are not successful, please call our tech support at 317.863.2824 for further assistance.

  • Who do I contact for technical support?

    In the event you experience technical issues with your Vibenomics device, please contact our Technical Support team with an email at and/or call us at 317-863-2824, extension 3. Our team is available Monday – Sunday from 9 AM – 11 PM EST. All calls are answered by a live voice and we attempt to resolve all issues within 4 hours.

  • What troubleshooting steps can I try before calling technical support?

    Our Technical Support team is available Monday – Sunday from 9 AM – 11 PM EST, but here are some basic troubleshooting steps:

    • Check for a volume schedule if music is not playing.
    • Check to see if 2 or more playlists and/or mixes are scheduled for the same time slot.
    • Make sure the device is connected to a private wifi network or cellular network (if applicable).
    • Restart the Vibenomics App.
    • Restart the Device.
    • Make sure all cords and cables are plugged in securely.
    • Plug in an alternate phone or device and check the wifi connection and audio.
    • Check the volume levels on any inline amps and sound systems.
  • Why does my volume drop down?

    Samsung devices used by Vibenomics have a built in volume control feature when the headphone jack is in use. Attempting to increase the device volume higher than 60% will prompt a warning stating that higher volume is damaging to the listener’s hearing. You may increase the volume past this threshold, but after a period of time the volume will automatically drop down to the recommended safety level.

    To combat this issue, Vibenomics has included inline amplifiers for customers with Samsung devices. We recommend setting the device to the recommended safety level and then increasing and controlling the volume using the amps or the volume controls on your business’ sound system. In the latest Vibenomics app update, we have also introduced the boost feature which uses the software to increase volume past the safety threshold.

    The boost feature can be found in the app’s dropdown menu in the upper right of the display.

  • Why is my music not playing?

    Check the following items:

    • Are there 2 or 3 playlists or mixes scheduled for the same time slot?
    • Is there a volume schedule in place on My Vibenomics?
    • Is the Vibenomics device connected to your private wifi network or a cellular network?
    • Is the Vibenomics app running and showing that it is playing music?
    • Is the volume up on the device?
    • Is the volume up on your sound system?
    • Is the Vibenomics device plugged into your sound system?
    • Are all cords plugged in properly and firmly?
    • Pull the headphone jack from the Vibenomics device, is sound coming out of the device?

    After checking these items, you may need a specialist to check your speakers and sound system for issues, but reach out to Vibenomics Technical Support first at

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