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  • How can I make feature requests to Vibenomics?

    We appreciate customer feedback of all forms, and we highly value customers who want to influence the development of Vibenomics product functionality to meet your needs and the needs of your industry. If you have any ideas you’d like to share with us, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team at SuccessTeam@vibenomics.com.

    We also have a very active Customer Advisory Committee that we would be happy to talk to you about! Please engage with the Customer Success Team for details about the Committee. This Committee does more than help influence the development of our product; they are also highly involved with each app update.

  • How can I review product release notes?

    Vibenomics is always working on new features and enhancements for our product. As they become available, we will notify customers in advance with explanations of new features and instructions on how to take advantage of the new functionality.

  • How does Vibenomics work?

    Vibenomics drives a customer’s economics by helping to create the perfect vibe through licensed music and professionally recorded messaging. With same-day turnaround and online management, Vibenomics is easy to use for one location or many. Vibenomics enables customers to use their audio space to their full advantage by raising awareness about upcoming classes, events, and promotions, maintaining a friendly and welcoming environment, and sharing important information with our customer’s customers!

    Regardless of your audio/speaker setup, Vibenomics can provide hardware to ensure our solution is compatible with your system.

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