Food Online Ordering Systems (FOLOS) builds custom online ordering programs and check-out kiosks for various restaurants. Founder and CEO Todd Burge says that he targets small franchises and “mom and pop” restaurants that are unique to the market. FOLOS works to build up the brand of small businesses by integrating their unique branding, logos and colors into online ordering systems.

Fuzic’s Adam Ritz and Brent Oakley sat down with Burge to discuss how the combination of marketing and technology makes it easier for restaurants to serve their customers.

According to Burge, 80% of online customers can be reached through an in-house program like what FOLOS offers since most customers have already found the restaurant online through a search. With so much traffic coming from search, large, aggregate online order systems are becoming obsolete.

Not only do they diminish a small business’ brand control, but large, aggregate systems also cut down on profit. FOLOS, however, does not take a percentage of online sales, but rather charges a low, flat monthly rate. A flat rate diminishes the concern a business owner may have about how profit sharing with an online ordering system may actually cause financial hardship. Rather than worrying about varying costs, business owners know the right off the bat what their monthly payment. Transparency and ease of mind is why Fuzic also adheres to a similar billing model – one, flat monthly payment.

Burge uses push notifications from FOLOS and emails with coupons to promote the service. When his client restaurants use Fuzic, he is also able to promote the service through messages from Fuzic to the restaurant’s customers. If a consumer downloads a client restaurant’s app, FOLOS has a tab which allows the consumer to order from anywhere, giving the consumers an additional incentive to download the app. This all helps, Burge says, to build brand loyalty and keep customers coming back.

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