Moving products from shelves into the hands of happy customers is critical to the success of any business. Right? That concept seems pretty obvious.

However, there is delicate balance between pushing products in a helpful way and being, well, just plain pushy. But finding the right balance can be tricky. One way to be helpful to customers AND push product without being over-the-top is through the use of in-store audio.

In-store audioin very subtle but effective wayscan be a bottom line booster to many businesses. How? Good question! Below are a few helpful examples of how the right use of in-store audio can help push products and improve the bottom line.

5 Examples of How to Push Products Faster With In-Store Audio

1. Bring in and market to ideal customers

When it comes to pushing products, one of the first things to consider is to whom are these products being pushed? If the right customer isn’t walking through the door, then all the marketing tactics in the world will fail. But, with some thought, an in-store playlist can be an extremely helpful tool in making sure the store is pulling in customers who are potentially interested in the productsthe store’s target market. The in-store music should reflect the interests and tastes of that group to make them feel welcome and in the mood to buy or browse.

2. Make sure customers are aware of special deals or new products and services

Nearly everyone has been in the frustrating situation of seeing a deal on a product they’ve JUST purchased. While most stores will honor a return and a price adjustment within a certain time frame, it still adds another irritating errand to a customer’s to-do list. And the second time around, that customer likely isn’t visiting in a buying mood. In-store announcements can keep customers updated while they are still in the store by sharing valuable information about special offers, in-store discounts, and upcoming new products. By sharing these announcements, customers will feel in the know and will keep coming back to help take some of those “pesky” products off the store’s hands.

3. Invite customers to upcoming events

Special events are prime time for showcasing a store’s unique products and making sure customers know aboutand purchasethem. Plus, parties have a way of making even the tightest penny pincher relax a bit. But that certainly won’t happen if no one knows about the event in the first place. In-store audio can have a positive impact on two fronts in this situation. Announcements can help make sure customers know about the event and, at the same time, owners can create a custom, upbeat playlist to put guests in the mood to buy once they arrive. Owners don’t have to worry about hosting a party of one and, at the same time, products will move off of those shelves.

4. Use audio to ensure customers are moving through the aisles

Study after study has shown that the tempo of music influences the way people move. Faster tempo means faster moving customers, while slower tempo means slower, more deliberate customers. If a store has a playlist with too quick of a tempo, customers may be rushing through the aisles, potentially missing important items and leaving without a purchase. Too slow and they linger far longer than needed, creating long waits and crowds. The trick to using tempo to improve the bottom line is striking that balance of keeping people moving, but also giving them time to peruse and purchase. Read more about the impact of tempo here.

5. Engage them by joining the on and off line experiences

Whether the purchase is made via an e-commerce site or in the brick and mortar store, moving product is moving product. Merging those online and offline experiences can allow customers multiple ways to easily access a store’s products or services when they need them. In-store announcements can be a great way to help tie those shopping experiences together. Today’s customer has likely been to the business’ website or follows one of their social media channels. Take advantage of having the customer in the store and encourage them to engage with the digital platforms. That way, both sources will see the benefit.

To some, in-store audio may seem like nothing but background noise. But, if used effectively, it can be a powerful selling tool. The right custom playlist or the right announcement at the right time can be exactly what a customer needs to make a purchase decision. Everything from music tempo to informing customers about a deal creates an opportunity for a business to connect with customers, make a sale and, likely, make enough of a connection to keep that customer coming back.

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