Ah…the holidays. Time for lights and laughter and giving…and really, REALLY wishing to never have to hear that one holiday song again. Everyone has one, right? That festive little ditty that makes the jaw tighten just a bit along with the dread of knowing it’ll be circling around the brain all day.

As business owners, the last thing desired during the holidays is to send people eye rolling out the door. Or putting in headphones to keep out the annoyance and then missing valuable in-store announcements. Well, the good news is that not all holiday tunes are created equally. Read on for a few great holiday song swaps that will help customers bop their way to the holiday spirit.

Drop These 3 Over-played Holiday Tunes and Start These In-Store Audio Delights

Drop: Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer

It’s time to retire this from the in-store playlist unless there is a burning desire to make kiddos wonder why the reindeer and Santa decided to do a hit-and-run on a poor, old lady who maybe had a little too much to drink and forgot her medication. While it may be a cute song, why put those kiddos through the torture?  

Start: Run, Run Rudolph

Replace the image of mean reindeer and Santa with this one: Rudolph and Santajust two holiday legends trying to make everyone’s holiday wish come true on time. Plus, that upbeat tempo will have shoppers bopping through the aisles, shimmying in the waiting rooms, or picking up speed on their treadmills.

Drop: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

This one is a given. While the song may have good intentions and is deemed a holiday classic, it can come across as a little too intense. After all, why does he want her to stay so badly and why is he pushing a drink on her? Let’s leave this one off and replace it with something a bit more… nostalgic.

Start: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

This song has the same cold outside vibe, but it seems like everyone is actually enjoying themselves this time. The snow is glistening, it’s a beautiful sight outside, and everyone is joyful. This is much better take on a big snowfall and has a melody that everyone from young to old will enjoy.

Drop: Santa Baby

We can all admit this song is cute, but can you say ‘earworm’? This is one of those holiday tunes that you can hear just once a year, but hum it unknowingly for the next 3 weeks. Rather than send your customers out the door with a never-ending song, try replacing it with something a bit more meaningful.

Start: Charitable Announcements

During the holiday season, people are more willing than ever to open up their hearts and wallets to those in need. If the store is partnering with a local charity or running a food or gift drive, replace a few minutes of that dated song with in-store announcements that make sure customers are aware of what they can do today for people in their communities or beyond.

And with that, go back to your holiday playlist, sub in a few of these ideas, and know that customers will appreciate it…and maybe even give their heart. And the very next day? They won’t take it away.

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