Karina Bruns, a proven Customer Success leader in technology, recently joined the Fuzic team as the Director of Customer Success. She firmly believes the best way to benefit both customers and companies is to prove value, faster. That’s why she’s spent the last seven years doing just that. And that’s exactly what makes her a perfect addition to Fuzic.

While Karina has over 16 years of proven success in managing various customer  relationships and building transformative programs, including for the government, she’s a new face in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) scene. With her ability to continuously define and optimize the customer life cycle, inspiring customer success across companies, she’s certainly a welcome force. Through evangelizing the implementation of customer success activities—including onboarding and training—Karina will ensure Fuzic is in the best position to create a truly best-in-class marketing platform for their customers.

Karina began her career in Customer Success at Apparatus Infrastructure Services, A Virtusa Company, when the company had less than 100 employees. While at Apparatus, she developed the customer onboarding plans for dozens of hosted applications. She was then approached to run the company’s first-ever Escalation Team as a result of her ability to manage critical customer issues to resolution and thrive in high pressure environments. After almost six years with her Apparatus family, she made the move to join Netfor, Inc. based in Fishers, Indiana, to set up their Customer Success strategy.

Now, as the newest member of the Fuzic team, Karina commented, “I continue to be impressed by the team at Fuzic, the power of the technology and the way in which their customers are seeing real ROI. I’m excited to be part of the talented Fuzic team to lead the customer success program and drawing upon my extensive background and experiences to do so. Fuzic has done a great job getting to the point of where they are today, and they certainly recognize not only the importance of growing revenue but keeping revenue. I look forward to being the key factor in helping the company on both fronts.”

Prior to her time in Customer Success, Karina spent the early part of her career in public service learning the importance of audience, message, and the value of providing a great experience to customers. She spent time at IndyParks, advancing the Indianapolis Greenways System by adding several miles of trails to the Fall Creek Greenway and the Pennsy Rail Trail. Karina also served on former Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson’s team writing Mayoral proclamations, press releases, and other major speeches.

When not building upon her passion for Customer Success, Karina can be found spending time with her husband, a Cathedral High School Social Studies teacher, and their two children, Cooper and Chloe. Having spent most her life in Indianapolis, she attended Cathedral High School and left briefly to attend the University of Dayton where she graduated from the School of Business with a Marketing degree.

Karina’s commitment to Customer Success reaches beyond what she gets paid to do through her engagement with local organizations such as Assure Success, Ladies in SaaS, and Open Pivot’s Emerging Leaders Peer Group.