Vibenomics is looking for a Production Manager – Creative Operations to oversee the Vibenomics “Define-Design-Deploy” production process from creative kickoff to final stages of production delivery and distribution.  This individual will work with internal teams, client contacts, and external agencies, brand managers and suppliers to build effective relationships and deliver quality work built to specifications on schedule. In addition, the Production Operations Manager will ensure client brand safety and employ third-party methods to validate creative effectiveness.  This individual must comfortably manage a high volume and variety of work with aggressive deadlines.

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Document expectations for Vibenomics needs from clients to audio advertisements.
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Brand Persona
    • Goals of the campaign
    • Legal requirements
    • Identify VO style and interests (gender, ethnicity, language, tone)
    • Audio or other creative samples – existing
    • Existing copy or guidance for writing the copy
  • Leverage Vibenomics AdOps role as a relationship manager and participant in the meetings for continuity and ancillary information needs i.e. scan down verification or availability.
  • Create process and applicable forms for capturing and storing that information for each campaign opportunity.
  • Manage the process directly between Vibenomics and creative contacts of the advertiser for writing, producing, reviewing, editing and finalizing the spot.
  • Validate compliance with applicable host networks legal obligations and brand safety.
  • Consider 3rd party validation of creative effectiveness i.e. ABX Advertising Benchmark Index.
  • Hand off final approved version(s) to AdOps for scheduling in ad-servers.
  • Archive and organize all information exchanged specific to the client for future reference and recall on subsequent collaborations.


  • Bachelor’s degree or combination of relevant experience
  • Experience with client-facing agency and national brand interactions as well as collaboration with other teams, i.e. agency rep, brand rep, CMO, creative agency rep
  • Carries out tasks with a sense of urgency and is able to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Communicates potential obstacles and flags potential issues in a timely fashion; collaborates with internal teams to reach a viable solution
  • Knows how to escalate issues early enough to find solution ahead of time to deal with challenges productively
  • Understands and can employ methods for validation of creative effectiveness
  • Develops long-term relationships based on a track of successfully delivered projects
  • Interested in learning about contractual agreements with vendors and creatives
  • Advanced organizational skills and written/oral communications skills
  • Knowledge of the digital out-of-home advertising industry and emerging trends a plus


To apply, email resume to with the job title in the subject line.