Lee Marcum, CEO of Jack’s Donuts, was recently featured as a guest on the Hard Stop Podcast where he discussed the tangible ROI realized across all his locations since rolling out “Jack’s Donuts Radio” through Vibenomics Audio Experience Software (AES) and the Vibenomics Ad Market.

The Vibenomics & Jack’s Donuts partnership began in 2017 when both organizations were in important growth phases of their businesses – Jack’s Donuts with only four locations (now with over 20!). At that time, Marcum didn’t realize that private radio networks with promotional messages – like what was heard in “Big Box” stores would be an option that was available to him as a small business owner.

When rolling out Vibenomics, Marcum and his team utilized the software for the promotion of their active deals. They found that during high traffic periods – typically Saturday and Sunday mornings – they had long lines, causing their retail associates to miss out on opportunities to upsell daily specials or promote initiatives like fundraising and catering with their captive in-store audience waiting to order.

Promotional in-store audio marketing messages were the perfect solution. Now, the speaker system in each Jack’s Donuts location is not just for background music, evolving into an entirely new in-store marketing channel that elevates the customer experience, and drives higher transaction amounts. The icing on the cake donut: with audio messaging inventory Jack’s Donuts doesn’t use for self-promotion, they’ve opted in to enable outside advertisers to speak to their customer base, generating additional revenue for Jack’s Donuts through a Vibenomics Ad Market partner revenue share program.

“[Vibenomics] is putting more money in our pockets than the thousands of dollars that we were spending on traditional advertising” – Lee Marcum, CEO

Outside of achieving measurable financial returns, Marcum notes that the biggest difference from their previous audio provider is Vibenomics’ fresh and innovative approach to advertising. Click below to listen to the full interview.