Anyone that has traveled through an airport could probably provide more than one example when asked for their “worst travel experience”. Long lines, delayed flights, and moody passengers aren’t typically the makings for smooth travels, but airlines and airport decision-makers have the ability to make minor changes to drastically improve the customer experience.

As reported by Statista, global air traffic passenger demand increased by 8.1% in 2017 and had projected growth of an additional 7% in 2018. According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation, 965 million passengers utilized air travel on U.S. airlines and foreign airlines that serve the United States market in 2017, each spending an average of 133 minutes in the airport during the travel experience. With this much foot traffic each year, what can airports do to make travel better for everyone involved? Embrace innovation to improve customer satisfaction.

Seattle-Tacoma International AirportLondon City Airport, and Indianapolis International Airport are just a few examples of airports that have capitalized on the innovative idea of utilizing the soothing power of music to improve the customer experience.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Tami Kuiken, Business Development Program Manager of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, noted the desire to provide passengers an unexpected experience, which launched the airport’s “Experience the City of Music” initiative. Not only did this program win an award from Future Travel Experience, but it was also guaranteed three more years of providing live music to passengers in terminals and was the area that had the most positive customer comments. Following the launch of this initiative, the Sea-Tac airport saw a change in their Airport Service Quality (ASQ) results from a 4.14 to a 5.

London City Airport

In an effort to create a more enjoyable experience during the security screening process, London City Airport has started to play two different playlists — Ambient Electronica and Upbeat Acoustic — throughout the day. Airport officials noted a positive response from passengers and employees alike that the music played in the security screening area has created a positive distraction and overall improvement in passenger moods.

Indianapolis International Airport

The “Indianapolis International Airport Radio” welcomes passengers traveling through the airport in strategic terminal locations and provides helpful information to visitors about airport amenities and happenings throughout the city. Using the Vibenomics Audio Experience Software (AES) platform, the airport can create a comfortable experience with carefully curated playlists but also share important information with professionally voiced audio announcements. Indianapolis Airport Authority Executive Director, Mario Rodriguez, also noted how the platform adds to the overall customer experience:

We’re always striving to connect the 8.7 million passengers that come through our airport with a world-class customer experience, and Vibenomics enhances that opportunity through music and information, and showcases the innovations coming out of our Indy tech community.

Interested in learning more about using an Audio Experience Software (AES) platform and how audio can improve the experience in your space? Request a demo of Vibenomics today and learn how you can start creating on-brand music and messaging for your customers.