Collaboration. Productivity. Employee Satisfaction. Improved Focus. Teamwork. All words a supervisor would want to hear in a workplace, right? Research shows that creating the right vibe through the use of music in the office can improve workplace functionality.

A study completed at Cornell University showed that positive, upbeat music played in the workplace encouraged collaboration among individuals and helped increase an employee’s desire to contribute to the team. Additionally, music with a steady and consistent beat was shown to get people on the same, or similar, frequency as one another.

Beyond the benefits of increased collaboration, music has a myriad of other benefits, too. From improved accuracy to better performance, to stronger focus, to enhanced mood, to decreased stress and anxiety, science practically says that you can’t afford to not be playing music in the workplace (and you probably shouldn’t try to argue with science). Music in the workplace has even been tied to an increase in sales, according to 40% of observed business owners!

Despite the positive effects of music while working, researchers noticed that the use of headphones inhibited collaboration, as these users were confined to their individual workspace. Music and messaging technology played over an audio system in shared spaces provides a unique alternative while allowing workplaces to reap the benefits of music. Using music to create a collaborative workplace vibe unlocks untapped potential and an extraordinary competitive advantage. Take the headphones out, put the underutilized office speakers to use, and let the vibe in.

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