“New year, new me!” “This is MY year!” “I’m really going to do it this year!”

Sound familiar? Time and time again, the new year brings a new crop of new year’s promises. The new year can certainly be a great time to make positive life changes. Unfortunately, though, many of those good intentions will fall flat. According to US News, 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by the time Valentine’s Day comes around.

The most common New Year’s Resolutions usually involve diet and exercise. Therein lies the truth around the jokes about New Year’s resolutioners packing the gym in January, only to leave it by early February.

While ultimately it’s up to the member’s own willpower and dedication, the gym itself can certainly provide motivation. The good news is that there are a multitude of ways to light that fire in gym members and keep them coming back to reach their fitness goalsas long as the members know what’s going on. Read on for some great ideas for motivating gym members in the New Year.

6 In-Gym Audio Ideas For Motivating Your Members in 2018

1. Special Deals on a Certain Program Throughout the Month

Gym goers are signing up to be a member or are reinvigorating their previous commitment to health and wellness. Take advantage of the time of year and offer them an opportunity to be a part of a special monthly health group. The group could have unique access to classes, seminars, and other valuable resources to help members stick to their goals.

2. Bingo Challenge

Sometimes, it’s all about finding just the right workout or routine for members. One way to encourage them to try new classes and programs is to give members a special bingo card in the beginning of the month. Let them mark off a bingo square for completing different classes throughout the month. Whoever tries the most class types by the end of the month wins a prize!

3. Online Accountability Groups

A little accountability can go a long way. Set up a private Facebook group where gym experts and members can report in on their progress, ask questions, or share suggestions and successes. This kind of group can be particularly helpful when members need that boost of extra support to keep them coming back to the gym once the initial motivation starts to wear thin.

4. Food Planning and Nutrition Classes

When it comes to getting fit, stepping foot into the gym is a great start. However, members have to think about the nutrition of what they are eating as well. Offer meal plan outlines and nutrition classeseither in person or virtualto show members that eating healthy isn’t as impossible as it may seem. Gyms can even find ways to partner with a local health food store for discounts on meal plan ingredients.

5. Monthly Weigh-ins or Body Scans

While stepping onto a scale can be scary for first-time gym goers, offering weigh-ins or body scans can be a great way to measure progress and keep members coming back day after day. Afterall, no one wants their month-end results to be worse than when they started!

6. Group Activities and Celebrations

Offering fun group fitness activitieslike a special boot camp or yoga session, or a celebration for making it past that Valentine’s Day deadlinewill not only motivate members, but will help build the gym community at the same time. Celebrating together can help members bond and create a necessary sense of comradery that will keep them coming back for years to come.

How Audio Can Help Motivate Gym Members

Any one of these ideas can trigger the necessary emotions to help gym members follow through on those 2018 resolutions. However, they are just ideas with no real power if the gym members aren’t aware of the resources available.

That’s where in-store audio can help. Picture this: a member comes in during January. He or she is ready to start making healthy changes in their life, but they really don’t know where to start. Sure, a flyer on the locker room door can provide some information, but not if they don’t see it. So, there they are on the treadmill (…and already a little bored) when the music pauses and they hear an announcement about a nutrition class, or an accountability group on Facebook, or a special deal on bootcamp classes. Suddenly, coming to the gym means more than slogging through miles on the treadmill.

Using in-store audio can help gym members be part of the 20% success rate, helping them to get healthier and creating lifelongrather than January onlymembers.

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