Music & On-Demand Announcements for Grocery

Vibenomics is an innovative technology platform that lets you control your background music and create customized messages in real-time.

We offer access to fully-licensed music and work with a network of professional voice talent to bring your marketing messages to life as customers shop your aisles.

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Licensed music
Custom playlists that fit your brand.
On-demand announcements
Professional voice talent delivers in hours, not days.
Quick & easy app
Online control for all of your locations.
Grocery Stores

Wish you could let your shoppers know about flash sales same-day? Vibenomics gives you access to a fully-licensed library of music and an easy to use app that allows you to submit and receive customized, professionally recorded announcements the same day you request them.

  • Push products faster and increase the basket value of every customer.
  • Educate shoppers on new products as they pass them on the shelves.
  • Drive customers to the website for coupons and promos.

All while playing music that makes their grocery store experience more enjoyable. Demo Vibenomics today to see how it can work for your grocery store.

Fresh Thyme

MyTime App


Value Announcement

Taylor's Bakery

Special of the Week

Vibenomics is the best thing we ever did. Our goal is to interact with our current customers, and now we can put promotional announcements up on the system almost immediately. We love it!
Tony Halbert, Store Owner

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