Regardless of whether a business is locally owned and operated or is a franchise of a larger company, it needs to find ways to connect with the surrounding community. When there is cause for celebration—like a local sports team wins the state championship—the business should be there celebrating right alongside their community and customers.

And they should also be there to provide whatever support they can in times of great tragedy.

Grieving and Supporting Lt. Aaron Allan

Earlier this summer, Lt. Aaron Allan of the Southport Police Department was fatally shot when responding to a rollover car crash. The Southport, Indiana location of The Stacked Pickle, a local sports bar and restaurant, wants to do all it can to support the community and help as they begin to heal from this tragic and unexplainable loss.

To honor Lt. Allen, and to show support for his family and community, The Stacked Pickle is hosting a fundraiser for the family on September 10, 2017. They will be taking donations in-store, leading up to the event.

When an event is this important, businesses need to use every tool at their disposal to promote and connect the community to the cause itself. Many of the customers who come into the restaurant are members of the community and, as such, are closely impacted by the event. Most will want to support the fundraising effort—provided they are aware of it.

While print ads and social media can be great vehicles for spreading word about events, The Stacked Pickle found a creative and effective way to reach patrons through audio announcements in the restaurant. Imagine being there, knowing this tragedy recently struck the community, and then hearing this announcement:

Finding The Right Tone

The Stacked Pickle partnered with Vibenomics to create this impactful audio announcement. The two teams worked together to find a way to develop a script and voiceover that would spread awareness of the fundraiser in a respectful way that reflected the somber nature of the occasion.

One of the most critical components of accomplishing this was with the tone of voice for the announcer. Normally, as a sports bar and restaurant, The Stacked Pickle’s tone is upbeat, energetic and “in-your-face.” Obviously, that wouldn’t be appropriate in this case. Fuzic worked with The Stacked Pickle to draft an informative announcement in a tone that would reflect the serious and solemn occasion.

Vibenomics is proud to play any part in the healing and fundraising process of this senseless tragedy. For more information on how you can donate to the Lt. Aaron Allen & Family Foundation, contact Vibenomics.