Lindsay Labas, Director of Marketing for Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation, was a recent guest on the Hard Stop Podcast and discussed the difference that audio marketing has made in her space leveraging both Vibenomics Audio Experience Software (AES) platform and Vibenomics Ad Market.

With the money that we were able to receive through sponsorships, we were then able to advertise on other organizations’ Vibenomics networks. It gave us the added budget that allowed us to go advertise elsewhere. – Lindsay Labas

Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation utilizes Vibenomics as the licensed music and professional messaging provider in their Monon Waterpark space. Prior to utilizing the Vibenomics AES platform, the organization relied on traditional radio stations to set the vibe and entertain waterpark visitors. However, they soon realized that by doing so they were at the mercy of what was being played and said by the DJ of the hour. As a family facility, Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation began to look for alternative options that would allow for more control over the content that would be shared in their space.

With Vibenomics, Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation has not only been able to create – and own – a privately controlled radio station in their waterpark, but they have also been able to generate new revenue by allowing other organizations to advertise on the network. Click below to learn more about how Vibenomics is the perfect partner for your park in this episode of Hard Stop Show.