Since opening its brand new terminal in 2008, Indianapolis International Airport (IND) continues to land awards and accolades from travelers and industry peers alike for their commitment to traveler experience and innovation.  With this fanatical devotion to traveler experience in mind, the Vibenomics team approached Mario Rodriguez and Reid Goldsmith, Executive Director and Senior Director of IND, respectively, with a link to a Freakonomics podcast, and a big idea. The podcast shined a spotlight on the awkward silence of public restrooms creating an uncomfortable experience for users. It took no time at all for the big idea to be cleared for takeoff, with the Indianapolis Airport and Vibenomics teams quickly brainstorming an audio experience strategy and execution plan.

On an episode of the Hardstop Show podcast recorded right after rolling out the first phase of a much broader partnership, Reid Goldsmith raved about the ease of implementing Vibenomics Audio Experience Solution in post-security restrooms in the main arrival terminal:

“We have never done something easier – I will say that. Absolutely. Honestly.” – Reid Goldsmith

Additionally, Goldsmith noted the great reviews from both passengers and employees, many sharing sentiments that an enhanced auditory experience was long overdue.  In addition to elevating a traveler experience that already set the gold standard, Vibenomics also enables a powerful new marketing channel for the Indianapolis Airport and out-of-home advertisers with the ability to speak directly to the 9MM+ passengers traveling through IND each year with diverse and vibrant messaging. True to form as the leading innovator in air traveler experience, IND leverages flight data and local happenings coupled with the flexibility and power of the Vibenomics platform to tailor their audio experience in real-time to the precise interests, behaviors and traveler profiles of their current guests.   Click below to learn more about how the top ranked airport in North America is leveraging music and messaging to enhance their already exceptional traveler experience in the full episode the Hardstop Show podcast.